BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterInclude Guile load paths as configured.Timothy Sample6 months
wip-libcurlInclude Guile load paths as configured.Timothy Sample6 months
v0.1commit 9b5b092ca5...Timothy Sample6 months
v0.0commit bdb7116dc8...Timothy Sample16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-16Include Guile load paths as configured.HEADv0.1masterTimothy Sample
2019-04-16Try harder to find guild during configuration.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Add COPYING and README.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Add AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Remove AC_REQUIRE_AUX_FILE.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Move build files into build-aux.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Fail if guild is not available.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Use guild instead of guile-tools.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Fix call-with-repeat-on-error.Timothy Sample
2019-04-16Add support for Guile 2.0.Timothy Sample